ToMM TV’s are installed in restaurants, salons, health clubs, medical facilities, dental offices, and fun centers..  You can target a local audience or reach viewers statewide on our captivating systems.  ToMM will create a High-Definition Commercial for your company, then you simply choose the locations you want your commercial to run in.  Your ad will be aired on the TV’s all day – every day! 

People are watching!  Your ad will be coupled with our fun and entertaining ToMM Trivia.  This trivia gets people watching.  After a trivia question is displayed your ad will run before the answer is given.  As viewers watch for the answer we will captivate them with your commercial!

Exclusivity…  That’s right!  Finally an advertising solution that offers Exclusivity!  That means none of your competitors will be able to advertise on the same screens as you!  Lock out your competition today on ToMM TV!